Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bedtime Story

‘Twas the time of the day
When the sleepy sun heads
Far past the horizon
And tucks into bed,

When Bartholomew Barnabas
Burlington Bap
Was wrapped in his jammies
And cozy night cap.

He looked at his bed
With its soft fluffy covers,
His squishy big pillow
And cuddle bear brothers.

But something was missing,
Something just was not right.
“I’ve found my blue blankey,
Turned on my night light,

But there’s still something big
That just has to be done.
Oh, where is my story,
My favorite one?

Please read me a book
Like we read every night.
Sit me up on your lap
And wrap me up tight

In your arms while you speak
The words into the air
Which will float ‘round the room
And ruffle my hair.

And the words will make pictures
To dance past my nose,
Bump into the ceiling
Or tickle my toes.

See?  There goes a castle
Perched up on some fog.
In the tower’s top window
I see a small frog.

And is that a pirate ship
Far out to sea?
Or the tale of a whale
Who is waving at me?

My room’s crowded full
Of the loveliest things,
All the dreams and adventures
A good story brings.

So then when we’re done
And you tuck me in bed
Oh, the places and friends
I will see in my head!

Then I will not mind
When you turn out the light
For you stories will stay with me
All through the night.”


  1. janice -
    I love reading your blog(s) - and I love you in "real life". It is easy to think that who I know face to face is "Janice", but reading your blog makes me know that you are a much more amazing friend than I stop to appreciate in "real life". Thanks for sharing your inner world!

  2. Read aloud time: best. thing. ever.

    I'm hoping it's still that magical for my kids even on days when I am feeling less than magical. Some of my best memories of childhood are of bedtime stories with my parents and my sister.

  3. This is the best memories of all that is wonderful woven in words read aloud. Such a great picture forms reading these words. Thanks.


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