Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday - See

Here's my weekly link up to The Gypsy Mama for her Five Minute Friday prompt.  Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking


Topic: See

The thing about seeing is that I would really like to see with eyes that weren't stuck inside my own head.

The ones that I have lie in very close proximity to my brain and clearly that it too close to detangle them from my emotions, fears and all those parts of my personality that I'm not so keen about. 

Like the part that can't notice how much fun my kids are having if in the process they're making too much of a mess.  Especially one of those messes that will demand an adult skill set to clean up. 

Or the part that is focused on getting through the grocery store instead of responding patiently to my kids.

A pair of eyes detached from my point of view would see my silly kids in Walmart as cute instead of as an impediment to getting the shopping completed.

Eyes not connected to the "cleaning is a pain" part of my personality would see the huge smiles on my kids faces instead of the mess those smiles are peeking through. 

So this week I"m going to try to disconnect my eyes from the part of my brain that has other issues and try to see everything that is going on around me from a better perspective. 

Although I admit that the idea of disembodied eyeballs floating around me all week has me a little creeped out.  


  1. It would be so nice to have a set of eyes that weren't in our heads for those times when us moms know we are supposed to soak in the moment, enjoy it, love it, yet that just doesn't happen! Great post - loved it

    Marissa @ forfunreadinglist

  2. Ha!
    I loved this - such a cool way of expressing it. That's just it - it's the seeing without the thinking of the consequnces and work etc. The joy of seeing.

    The image of the disembodied eyeballs is creepy alright - but very, very helpful. Thank you!
    (coming to you via five-minute-friday)


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